Trip Log - Thursday, April 23, 2015

the view from the beach in the afternoon

fresh pineapple fo breakfest. quite deliscious.

married flower

big babybell. gouda flavor.

sunset sefie. pizza is coming

people taking sunset pictures. it wasnt just me.

more selfies. we take too many apparently.

just after sunset

another just after sunset

sunset with moon

more sharks picctures.

this may be a repost

trees. jamie is waiting in the distance after i had to run away for a new key.(we have already gone through about 9 keys)

more sunset, maybe a repeat

yet another picture.

another sunset

a sunset with a body i nhte way.

sun through the hair

the crepe place at the hotel. it was pretty good.

sunset over the over water bungalos.

water and stuff



underwater selfie. this is the least disturbing one because i(jonah) am not overly pale.

here is a weird looking fish

this fish came up and hit the camera as jamie was taking a picture

gonig up a hill on the safari tour we encountered another truck. we had to back down the road to let these guys pass. it was pretty bumpy. one of the other riders was a japanese girl that was 5 months pregnent.

on top of the hill after the crazy truck ride.

the same view without the people

yet another view.