Trip Log - Thursday, April 23, 2015

here we have a picture of water. and hill. i dont remember what day this actually is but we shall call it whatever day it says in the address bar.

drinking some fresh made pineapple juice on the truck ride.

at one of the stops on the safari tour there was a sign. apparently in their language playing loud music translates to boom boom mega bass.

another picture.

and here we have yet another sunset.

this here is the folded napkin. although i cannot confirm nor deny it, this is what we had chosen for the wedding reception.

there was a fire show. here is oneof the pics ofthem spinning the flaming sticks.

a picture. in the heat. eating food.

and just me. jamie is here but the camera didnt catch her.

the fire dancing people in their cultural attire.

and another picture.

we took a tour in a truck like this, except it wasnt yellow.

this is what a pineapple plant looks like.

this is the view between the rains.

this fish seems to follow us around every time we go snorkeling. probalby not the same fish but at least a similiar one.

yet another water selfie. i think the cameras are getting sick of it.

hmm. i thik ive seen this one before

here comes the night. You can see the rainbow if you look closely.

selfie in the rain? ok.

a little blue fish. there are MANY pictures of thisfish but none of them are clear. so here is the blue fish.

another picture of the fish

underwater version.

clouds in sunshine.