Trip Log - Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last morning at the hilton, pool shot on the walk to breakfast. The pool we never went in.

Last breakfast view <3 bye amazing eggs benedict

Selfie with the pool after breakfast

Turtle in front of hilton

our pal at the airport Heres another cat for you Dan.

our plane, larger then jonah expected

Plane selfie on way to bora bora

plane shot. we sat on the wrong side, all the good scenery was on the other side.

Walking off the plane, thats not us , we shall call them bob and jemima.

little island view from airport. there is a mini statue on that small island.

Look its not a selfie! on the ferry on way to le meridien

Juice upon arrival at le meridien. NON ALCOHOLIC for those concerned parties.


again, im the fish selfie master #flawless

Bathroom hut we hit before we could check in this is where the wonderful pink tp was discovered. joy all around.

Selfie at lemeridien

cool swans on bed

cool swansagain

the toilet paper is super soft and pink here, and PINK holly.

Sunset selfie (look nik it looks like i have a widows peak) #bejelly

Sunset photo

Pizza and burger the first night at le meriden. Didn't order anything to drink but they were sweet and gave us complimentary pineapple juice, yum!