Trip Log - Sunday, April 26, 2015

We woke up in the morning to this view. Not a sunrise over the water, but still very nice. I keep seeing this and thinking how much this looks like a tropical volcanic island. Then I realize it is. I am still expecting to run into guybrush threepwood chained to a statue on the bottom of the ocean. There was a rainbow off to the side

This is the breakfast in bora bora. It is basically the same. The best 2 things are the pineapple and the chocolate croissants. Here you can sit on the edge of the dock and see all the fish below begging for food. I should have brought the fish training kit. I would have had them jumping the field goals by the time i left.
Also of importance, the crepes were amazing.

Here we tried to get onto a 2 person hammock. After failing by sitting the wrong way we managed to successfully get on.

The hammock joy cannot be contained. wee.

Here we took a pic of our clear floor. Looking back we thought that the dark spot in the middle was the sting ray that we saw after jumping in. However this wasnt it. this is just a rock.

This is jamie, jumping into the water. It is about a 10 ft drop from the deck, so probably 13 feet from the rail.

Here we see the splash.

Apparently somebody has been taking too many pictures.

We took a walk in the hot sun.

Here is the main beach at the hotel

We met a friendly hermit crab. He didn't bite, but that was because he didnt really want to say hi once we got close. The search for a more friendly one continues.

On the other side of the land mass the hotel is on is another reef and the ocean. Signs are posted saying the hotel is NOT respoinsible for anything that happens over here.

Here we find a much more frendly crab.

Happy times all around. The crab is probably in counseling for ptsd for life.

When we got back to the hotel there was a dance party going on. These ladies were having fun. Jamie did not know she was in the picture.

A mermaid can be seen through the foor of the room. quick jamie, come look.

Here is the dock we have to walk down to get to our over water bungalo. It takes about 5 minutes brisk walking from the main building.

We got caught in the rain. so what did we do, go into the water. It was warm compared to the rain.

picture from underwater durng the rain.

another picture showing the rain. The waster here is about knee deep.

we had a burger dessert at night. there were pineapple slices for fries, some red dessert sauce for ketchup, ice cream(very good ) for mayonaise, a coke slushie for the drink. The 'burger' was made of a normal bun, lettuce, strawberry for tomato, some strawberry sauce, a chocolate layer for the burger. This was very good, we willl be getting many more of these before the trip is over.

Here is what the burger looks like up close.

bonus burger story(because it was sooo good), we went to get the food to go, when we left, there was no rain. (the hotel provided ponchos and umbrellas for use--we did not take) on our way down the dock it starts misting. By the end of the dock it was sprinkling. Nearing the middle of the beach it was pouring. We finally get to the restaurant and order our food to go. As we are waiting for our food the rain continues. Once we get our food we still hear rain. However, that was just runoff form the roofs. We walk back dry, but in the dark. carrying a pizza and our dessert burger. Well worth the trip.