Trip Log - Friday, May 1, 2015

Before setting out on our adventure a calm ocean shot from our bungalow was taken.

Hey Henry....not sure if you're even the same bird anymore

legit mountain shot

Moon! bungalow roof in left bottom corner

bird and sky


AW again!!

I was a little obsessed but how #artsy are these?!

again its henry

Orbs all around


Sunseet selfie through the fro


not sure how this is black and white...but it's cool.

Mountain, because every photo i took jonah would say " did you get the mountain!?"

First stop on our sting ray, shark feeding adventure. Our guide later told us that the manta ray was not suppose to be part of the trip he just really wanted to show us how nig they are. Jonah and a Manta ray

Both of us said that this part of our trip was the COOLEST.

Seriously look how many there are just below us


the rays of sun through the ocean were awesome. when we first got in we could only see grey, the we swan around a bit not even sure of what we would see. These guys would all of the sudden be super clear and right infront of you and then dissapear into the darkness


more sharks with our guide feeding them tuna

shark shark shark shark shark

SHARK everybody!

shark feeding was the second stop after the Manta Rays

Proof we were with the sharks

Someone call national geographic im so skilled.


This was the "coral garden" it was the 3rd stop on our boat adventure

Little blue fish selfie in the coral garden, i shall call him squishy.

GIL and his bro

Little eels!

We didn't write this but its awesome, somehow jonah didn't see it directly under him, we shall blame the beard.

pretty sure i laughing at the other lady who was screaming and swiming away the entire time.

hugs and smiles with our mushroom friends. (spot the speedo)............ or don't

Selfies with the sting rays

Sting ray with shark lurking in the background

DUCK CLOUD by the sting ray feeding

Boat ride back from shark and sting ray fun

Went out to find MARVIN and did just that!

Hey MARV! he had the cutest little polka dots

Mountain shot in the water next to our hut on our search for Marvin

Sting ray that we saw every day under and around our hut, we were a little freaked out the first day but soon realized he didnt care about us.

hut shot! not our hut, but ours looked the same

boat selfie on stingray adventure


henry and a poloraid of henry #artsy

Woke up to find our good pal Marvin chillin under our bungalow, Hey marv!

Ate breakfast that was super bueno, watermelon, not so much.

Selfie with HenRAY

Hey henry you're cute

boom look at that bird

night time lights shot of he hotel

Jonah's fancy dinner, note: this dinner came with mashed sweet potatos and when we asked for "regular potatos" it was not understood well and after we got our dinner she came back a thousand times to make sure the potatos he got were the correct kind. But how cute are those baby potato towers?!

Jamie's fancy dinner. I googled turnips to see if i would like the flavor, most people said its a hit or miss so i tried them anyway. It was a hit, and they are so cute! what did i order? not sure, if you know what the thing in the center is....don't tell me.

For dessert I got the super cute mango bungalow which I only wanted for the photos.....turned out to be delicious too!

Here come pictures from every angle because it was expensive and Jonah let me get it [;

Jonah shined his flash light on it so we could get better photos

Selfie because, why not

Mango sorbet under the hut

Again. presh.