Trip Log - Monday, April 28, 2014


Coconut french toast goodness

TURTLE feeding cuteness, tomorrow we SWIM

In that hut over there is the chapel, if you look closely you can see the bride inside, while we were at the turtle feeding we saw the wedding happening. later that day we saw them getting their photos taken, smart choice to not get married here and use their photographer...weird poses... we love you Beth Ann

this is Henry and i think ths picture was in the last post from a different day but jonah added it to this day so....enjoy the cuteness

We took the hotel shuttle to the main island and shopped around a little and then rented THIS baby

This is me being really excited about being on my honeymoon in a cute little electric car in bora bora #livinthedream

this is jonah stressing out about everyone laughing at us and staring...EVERYONE

on our drive i took pictures of everything...feel free to scroll past fast, but here is a house with clothes drying out front, this will be us if we don't buy a washing machine soon.

A church, only took about 5 photos to get this one....jonah didnt stop for photos so it was fun to try to catch the photos before we drove past


maximum speed was 47 here is me trying to take a picture of 47 as jonah unknowingly slowed down

orb and tree and stuff

pretty house

blury child on bike... cute


orb and huts

cool houses

our hotel is across the water here somewhere

and across the water here

pretty coconut trees

another driving pic

mountain pic with the camera on top of the car while driving, i have skillz

pretty mountain

Its sort of small so i can't totally see but i think this is the photo that made us both very happy with our decision to take a cute little car and not rent a bike that didnt have any gears.These bikers seemed to be struggling on the hill and seemed to have very nice bikes

mountain and tree

mountain without tree

Stray dogs were everywhere on the island.

Another church

I was over the top excited as you can see

jonah was a trooper and delt with all of the people staring at him and laughing...because we were so awesome in our rental car

Photo of a local

Other people in a buggy that wasn't as fancy as ours, also very excited to see us and wave

Here is a mountain with clouds. oh water too

Shadow of our legit car

our car is in that little mirrors reflection


pink and BLUE toilet paper

cute noodles

Snacks with hollys nick name... lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu all over

share a cococola with Virginie #imissyounana

More Holly snacks...i think this is GUM. jamie loves gum

I wish i had mitts for fingers cuz then i could grab more CHEESEBALLZ

m&m umbrella

cool cereal

Dora the ExploReR crackers...i dont really dig dora that much but still awesome

sunset selfie through the fro again

pretty proud of this


fun photos

sunset again

food trucks that jonah wanted to eat at but luckily we had reservations at a resturant called "bloody mary's"

sad face. warn out. looks like we need some cheering up.

maybe we should eat these magical cookies, lets see whats happens. happy face, winky face.


chomp chomp

chomp chomp chomp.

yum. looks like it worked. happy face, winky face.

Bloody Mary's sign that you cant really read here

us in front of bloody mary's

shrimp/steak appetizer at bloody marys.

and the meat plate

a different meat plate

and the dessert

the fish that they didnt cut open.

a moon

a baby bird

night pictures.

and some more